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Mission Statement

To be the best Home Furnishings Retailer in Hawaii and the United States by enhancing our customer's lives through innovation, continuous improvement, exceptional values and ultimate customer experiences.

Statement of Commitment

CUSTOMERS - Our first responsibility is to our CUSTOMERS. We must strive to always meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We build life-long relationships by treating every customer with respect, genuine care, and exceptional personal service.

CO-WORKERS - We are responsible for our CO-WORKERS. We are committed to providing a safe, clean, fun, and stimulating work environment. Everyone must be considered as an individual and treated fairly and equitably with the utmost dignity and respect.

COMMUNITIES - We are responsible to the COMMUNITIES in which we live and work. We must be a well-recognized and respected community leader. We are fortunate to have the support of our community, and we in turn must support our community for Hawaii to continue to grow and prosper.

COMPANY - Our final responsibility is to our COMPANY. We must be the market leader through innovation and continuous improvement, and earn a sound profit and fair return on investment. It is only with a healthy and vibrant company that we are able to meet our responsibilities.